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Charlie and Ginny bring decadence and devotion to your soundholes in this fabulously libacious, louche podcast. These two are a formidable team that hasn’t been seen since Cupid and Psyche dressed up as Sid and Nancy to parade around French Quarter in go go boots and bed sheets. Give them a whirl, they will brighten up your day, give you advice on some great tunes, and fill your glass with the best drinks. This is a podcast we’ve been missing all of these years. iTunes, thou are now obsolete! Get hip to these bawdy little souceboxes and listen right now! – Gonz O’Lager

I’ve listened to the first 2 episodes – all there are so far – and am telling everyone I know how fun they are!  Such great people, you want to hang out with them.  They talk about modern life with an indie approach, with steampunk, booze, music, etc. It’s kinda like the best conversations at the end of the night when it’s just the best friends left and you have time to really talk about whatever topic has come up.  I can’t wait to catch this every week! – CinSim

iTunes tells me to keep my review to 200 words.  How can I do that with a podcast like the Charlie Tonic Hour?  I mean these people are like the Zeus and Hera in the podcast Pnatheon.  When they are talking about everything from poetry, to technology, to music, and even comic books it’s like the hour goes by in no time, and you’re left with 167 agonizing long hours until the next one.  Hearing them discuss interesting topic while bookended by great music from Dr. Bombay’s Atomic Bachelor Pad is more then music to my ears, it’s manna from the gods!  If you don’t listen to this podcast, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life! – CircusTravis


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