Facts About The Show


Here are some FAST FACTS we gathered for our 100th episode celebration!

Total Downloads At November 20, 2013:
62,176 for Charlie Tonic and 10,180 for Bottoms Up.
We were averaging 3000 to 4000 downloads per month regularly!

At that time we were seeing:
70% of our episodes are downloaded in Ohio with most of those numbers coming from Cincinnati

Most downloaded episode at that point:
Episode 39 “A Bit Of Anime, A Bit Of Mitt And A Bit Of Beer”

Show Reach Internationally as of November of 2013:
Regular listeners are now downloading episodes in the United States, China, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, the Russian Federation, France, Netherlands, Ukraine, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Turkey, Australia, Dominican Republic, Spain, Italy and Thailand.

Detailed, updated information coming soon!

While we gather the details, here are a few updates to the numbers from May 2015:
– 135,206 total downloads for Charlie Tonic
– We average between 5000 to 6000 downloads per month regularly!
– For some reason Episode #39 “A Bit Of Anime, A Bit Of Mitt And A Bit Of Beer” remains the most downloaded