Treaty Oak Distilling (Bottoms Up #84)

Treaty Oak Distilling (Bottoms Up #84)


Four years ago, Charlie attended a panel at the 2014 San Antonio Cocktail conference that introduced him to barrel aged gin. He’s been talking about it ever since as an example of regional distilleries doing amazing things. A chance encounter at the 2018 conference allowed him to reconnect with Treaty Oak, the distillery that blew him away all those years ago. In the full podcast episode (#318 of the Charlie Tonic Hour available at, Charlie interviews their distiller. Here, in this week’s Bottom’s Up, he and Ginny Tonic retry their gin and experience their bourbon. How does it all hold up? What do they think? How will this story continue? Listen and learn!

Episode #84: Treaty Oak Distilling
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Bottoms Up Featuring Treaty Oak


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