Sewing and Brewing  – Tracy & Jeffery McElfresh (Remeasured Life #8)

Sewing and Brewing – Tracy & Jeffery McElfresh (Remeasured Life #8)

This week our interview takes on a married couple who both changed their lives in the past 5-7 years in order to follow their dreams and start new careers. Tracy McElfresh runs Tracy’s Sewing Studio in Dayton, Ohio and Jeffery McElfresh is the head brewer and helped open Yellow Springs Brewery in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Their journey started with Tracy leaving her job to open a fabric shop just as Jeffery was losing his job as a manager with Border’s. Jeffrey took that moment as an opportunity to take his home brewing hobby into the professional realm.


Episode #8: Sewing and Brewing
Tracy & Jeffery McElfresh
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Tracy’s Sewing Studio / Yellow Springs Brewery


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