BONUS: Craft Beer Taxation Rebuttal

BONUS: Craft Beer Taxation Rebuttal


Mike Bowling takes center stage for our first BONUS as he shares a rebuttal to our recent discussion of craft beer taxation. Our conversation happened on episode #305 while he was with us as a guest on episode #306. We cover the issue and so much more!

This is our first ever Charlie Tonic Hour BONUS EPISODE! The idea here is to share a bit of extra conversation as it happens. It tends to take shape when a guest covers a topic that may not fit the show they were part of, but turns out to be incredibly interesting none the less.

BONUS EPISODE: Craft Beer Taxation Rebuttal
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To Tax Beer Or Not, That’s The Question
A Rebuttal To Our Discussion With Mike Bowling


Articles Discussed

The Majority of US Senators Now Endorse Beer Excise Tax Reform / Bevnet
Drunk Math: Why Tax Breaks for Craft Brewers Make No Sense / The Atlantic

Catch The Video Version Of Our Original Conversation
On Craft Beer Taxation


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the music of the Charlie Tonic Hour!



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