Remeasured Life Begins In Two Weeks

Remeasured Life Begins In Two Weeks

We’re counting down to November 6th!

As we recently unveiled during episode #300 of the Charlie Tonic Hour, that is the date when Season 1 of Ginny Tonic’s new podcast launches. The Remeasured Life is a weekly podcast (airing each Monday over 9 weeks) for those who know that changing your life is hard, but staying where you are is harder. Each week, Ginny will sit down with someone who has remeasured their own life, walks through their story and sees what can be learned from their experience.

What can you do when you realize that you need to drastically change your life but you also still have to find a way to pay your bills? This is the question the new podcast will work to answer and Season 1 is quickly taking shape. In just 14 days, the stories begin and we sincerely hope the advice and inspiration you find might lead to you making real change when that change is needed.


What can you do while you wait?

Help Ginny leap out of the gate strong with this new project by checking out the pilot episode then sharing your thoughts on iTunes with a rating and a review. That kind of feedback helps the show grow and helps it get noticed. Also, be sure to subscribe through the podcast app of your choice via the RSS feed which is already live. Of course, you can just search for “Remeasured Life” on iTunes or a host of other services and nab it there too.

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