The Plumb Dang It (Bottoms Up #69)

The Plumb Dang It (Bottoms Up #69)

As we do a week of sustainability inspired podcasts (see Charlie Tonic #303 for more), we search through our own kitchen to see what we can find for a cocktail. From there, the Plum Dang It takes shape.

Episode #69: The Plum Dang It
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The Plum Dang It


2 oz. rum
half oz. brown sugar syrup
2 slices plum
2 slices lime

Muddle the plum and lime in a mixing glass with the syrup.
Add the rum and ice and stir until chilled.
Strain into a coupe and garnish.

Full Credit To Imbibe For This One

Watch Us Make The Cocktail!


Special thanks to Ford Theatre Reunion,
the music of Bottoms Up!



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