Syndicated Radio Tonic

Syndicated Radio Tonic

We are very excited to announce that earlier this evening, the Charlie Tonic Hour made its DEBUT as a radio syndicated show! Radio Artifact is the new independent radio station created by Urban Artifact and we’re thrilled to join their growing cast of shows each week and be a part of this new source of original radio content within the city.

Starting today, we now have a regular spot and show slot on the radio dial. Tune in at 1660 AM or stream over the internet for indie/alternative music, interesting radio shows, AND on Tuesdays from 9-10 pm your favorite local booze podcast, The Charlie Tonic Hour!


Tonight we shared episode #301 to kick things off. Next Tuesday we’ll jump to episode #303 to get the radio show synced up with our main, weekly podcast. The Charlie Tonic Hour will debut as a podcast each Wednesday then it will be syndicated the following Tuesday in radio show format.

What’s the difference? The radio show format will be very close to the original podcast, but with a few minor changes. In that format we’ll work in station identification and make sure our event recommendations haven’t passed (which means they may differ from our main podcast version… YES, even more reason to tune in!).

We’re so excited to be a part of this new independent voice in the city and are very grateful to be invited to be part of their lineup! Listen anytime at

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