Tales of the Controversy (Charlie Tonic Hour #301)

Tales of the Controversy (Charlie Tonic Hour #301)

Ginny and Charlie discuss three of the major events of the weekend, The Cincinnati Comic Expo, The Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic, and Cincinnati Cock Fight. They dig into the controversy that lead the founders of Tales of the Cocktail to step down earlier this week and how to react when your bar or your employee has offended somebody. Finally, they mix up a cocktail with La Criox Pamplemousse from the website Supercall and discuss using the soda to cut calories in your cocktails.

Episode #301: Tales of the Controversy
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Scenes From The Weekend Which Featured
The Cincinnati Comic Expo, The Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic
and Cincinnati Cock Fight





Our Main Discussion Segment
The Founders of Tales of the Cocktail Step Down
& How To React When Your Employees Offend Someone


More on the Tale Discussion
Tales of the Cocktail Co-Founders Step Down – Official Tales Press Release

Tales of the Cocktail Does It Again – Chuck Cowdery

Will Shocking Controversy Be The End of Tales Of The Cocktail? – Thirsty Mag


Bottoms Up
Extreme Pamplemousse


0.75 oz Mezcal Vida
0.75 oz Aperol
0.5 oz St. Germain
0.5 oz Grapefruit Juice
0.5 oz Lime Juice
La Croix Pamplemousse to top
Grapefruit Twist For Garnish

Using a jigger, add the mezcal, Aperol, St-Germain, grapefruit juice and lime
to a shaker tin with ice. Shake.
Using a Hawthorne strainer, strain the cocktail into a large wine glass filled with fresh ice.
Top the cocktail with La Croix Pamplemousse and stir with a bar spoon to incorporate.
Garnish with a grapefruit twist.

Where we heard of the drink:
Supercall: The Spirit of Cocktails and Culture

Catch the video of us recording the segment:


Ginny’s Recommendation For This Week


The Service Bar is coming to Middle West Spirits!
Ginny and Charlie are going to the friends and family opening
this weekend but they share how you can get the early word on
this fine new establishment during the show!

Charlie’s Recommendation For This Week


Charlie Will Share A Story During Monday’s Bury Me With This Podcast!
Think of it as an adult show and tell that unveils those items
we treasure in life and the stories behind them. During the live podcast
recording, Charlie will walk you through comic history and the single
comic book that started him collecting.

Other Upcoming Events Of Note


Every Monday For The Rest Of The Year
Featuring Middle West Spirits OYO and Vim & Petal


Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret XII – This is Halloween! / October 14th, 7 PM to 1:30 AM


Special thanks to Ford Theatre Reunion,
the music of the Charlie Tonic Hour!



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