Charlie Tonic Through The Years

Charlie Tonic Through The Years

We did our first celebration show with episode #100 back in November of 2013. As part of the show, we unveiled some facts about the podcast and how it had been received to date. Here, just after our 300th episode, we’re back to update some of those numbers.

Total Downloads
At episode #100 we were thrilled to have seen roughly 72,000 downloads. Over the years that followed, that number has climbed significantly. At the time of the live show (September 18th, 2017), we’ve now seen over a quarter of a million downloads (290,341). Currently we are averaging between 6000 to 9000 downloads a month and a surprising 250 to 350 downloads PER DAY.

Podcast Reach
In 2013 about 70% of our audience was Ohio based. Just under four years later that percentage has climbed to 78%. Of the remaining 20%, 5% come in from New York and 5% originate from the San Francisco (Oakland / San Jose) market. Though we love being Cincy strong, we are going to work over the next year to grow our national (and international) audience in new ways.

Most Downloaded Episode?
For years, episode #39 titled “A Bit Of Anime, A Bit of Mitt and a Bit of Beer” was our most downloaded episode. Over the last year, that podcast has dropped to the #3 spot as our first episode moved up to #2. What is now our most downloaded episode of all time? That would be episode #6 which features Calamity Dawn unveiling a cocktail called The Charlie Tonic!

For those curious, that cocktail is made as follows:

1 oz. Four Roses Bourbon
1/2 oz. Caramel Apple Liquor
3/4 oz. Honeycrisp Apple Vodka
Splash grenadine

Pour first three ingredients into a highball glass with ice
Add a splash grenadine and stir
Cover with tonic and enjoy

International Reach
As of November of 2013 our podcast had been downloaded in 18 countries. As we reached episode #300 we found we had a few more spots covered. In fact, with the exception of Antarctica and some inland countries in Africa and South America, we’ve now reached almost every other country across the globe.


Sincerest thanks to all who listen.
Here’s to another 300 episodes and continued growth for all things Tonic!

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