Everything We Just Announced

Everything We Just Announced

Last night was a great night as we celebrated our 300th episode with friends and listeners at The Overlook Lodge. The live recording ran just over an hour and was followed by a party that carried Ginny Tonic and I into the night. You’ll hear it all tomorrow when we release our 300th podcast. While you await the show to debut, let’s sum up the changes we have planned and the new things we announced!



Where We Are Headed Over The Next Year

  • CHANGE: Narrowcast the topics covered to focus exclusively on alcohol, food and events
  • Move out onto the speaking circuit, attend more events and bring you more coverage
  • Our ultimate goal is either regional network or national syndication coverage
  • We are moving beyond this podcast being simply a hobby

The New Charlie Tonic Hour 

  • Music Of The Charlie Tonic Hour: Ford Theatre Reunion remains the music of the show
  • Discourse: Still Cincinnati strong and events driven, but with more stories, tangents galore and an expansion into some national event discussion
  • Main Topic: Alcohol, food or event focused topics with interviews and deep discussions related to alcohol culture
  • Bottoms Up: Always trying something or making a cocktail live on the show
  • Close: We’re dropping featured music and narrowing to 2 featured event recommendations that are meaningful and we’re attending

Tightening Up The Show Plus New Tech

  • Planning topics well in advance of the show so we can share what’s coming
  • Research topics providing more detail and more information giving you more reason to listen
  • Better sound and video quality… We have new microphones
  • Leaning more and more into video… HD camera in place for better YouTube
  • Looking for listener feedback for the show… Speakpipe added to the main page of our site
  • Tighter time format – 45 minutes min to 115 minutes max always targeting 1 hour
  • More topic focused themed shows so you can jump into the history anywhere without concern over chronology 


The Bottoms Up Podcast Returns Each Friday

  • Originally ran from February 15th, 2013 to May 9th, 2014 and returns September 22, 2017
  • Your “short shot of alcohol to kick off the weekend
  • You’ll get each Friday it in the same subscription RSS feed as the Charlie Tonic Hour
  • The entire 65 episode history has been rebuilt and is now live in our podcast feed history
  • New episodes begin again on the Friday following episode #300 (September 22, 2017)
  • New episodes will contain an extended version of the Bottoms Up from that week’s Charlie Tonic Hour
  • Now stand alone for those who want their alcohol podcast straight with no mixer
  • Benefit? Makes it easier to feature drink brands and have them promote the show back

The Remeasured Life Podcast Is Announced

  • New podcast featuring Ginny Tonic
  • A podcast for those who know that changing is hard, but staying where you are is harder
  • Show Format: Introduction / Interview Guest / Tonic Takeaway To Close
  • The show will air in a season format and the pilot episode is live now
  • When a season is airing, a new show will arrive every Monday
  • Subscribe NOW via the RSS feed (iTunes / Stitcher / iHeartRadio coming soon)
  • Podcast will feature the music of Ford Theatre Reunion just like all our shows
  • Season 1 will launch on November 6th, 2017
  • Follow the social media now: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

RambleCasting Is Coming December 2017

  • Charlie is launching a new company
  • Full announcement to come in December
  • Follow the social media now: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

A Charlie Rambles Podcast Is Being Considered

  • This is more a long-term tease and is dependent on the growth and success of our current 3 shows
  • It will feature Charlie and he will most certainly ramble (of course) with guest hosts
  • A spot where he features things from the world that have us excited that week
  • Society and Culture / Technology / Television and Film / Relationships Issues… Anything goes!
  • Targeting 30 minutes in length per episode
  • Ginny will drop in from time to time to keep him on track
  • Allows for discussion of things that don’t fit into the narrowed scope of the CT Hour
  • Could be an expansion show in 2018

So there you have it. All the changes that we announced last night. Now it’s time for us to go work on them. More updates as things continue to evolve but I can say Ginny Tonic and I are massively excited and you will always be able to follow the latest right here at CharlieTonic.com!

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