Episode #287 – Can Companies Do Good?

Episode #287 – Can Companies Do Good?

Segment 1 (00:00:16) – A Discourse Intercourse To Start
Segment 2 (00:10:00) – Can Companies Do Good?
Segment 3 (00:31:35) – Bottoms Up: Ginger Martini
Segment 4 
(00:35:49) – Closing Out The Show With Music and Events

It is a wonderful wandering Charlie Tonic Hour this week. Ginny and Charlie didn’t do much beyond hanging with Quakers but that doesn’t stop them from finding plenty to talk about. Along the way, they question if a cooperation can ever be a force for good. In the end, Ginny whips up a ginger margarita and Charlie brings the swing with a song recommendation from Caro Emerald.

Episode #287: A Live Show On Film
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Can Companies Do Good?


Slate Article Discussed
With its sale to Amazon, Whole Foods must finally give up its do-gooder image

Additional Perspective From NPR
When Did Companies Become People?


Bottoms Up!
Canton Ginger Margarita


1 1/2 parts Domain De Canton
1 part Reposed Tequila
1/2 part Fresh Lime Juice

Build all ingredients in a mixing glass.
Shake and strain over ice or serve up. Garnish will a lime wheel.


Featured Music

Caro Emerald’s Back It Up

Off the album
Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor



Upcoming Events


June 24th: Pleasant Ridge Scavenger Hunt


June 29th: Easy Summer Cocktails with Rachel Moore (aka “Ginny Tonic”)


Special thanks to Ford Theatre Reunion,
the music of the Charlie Tonic Hour!



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