Build Up & Location For Episode #300

Build Up & Location For Episode #300

We’re thrilled to announce the early details on our massive episode #300 celebration. Today we can announce some of the BUILD UP and the LOCATION of our big celebration!


Beginning in June, we will be recording MONTHLY at the Overlook Lodge (6083 Montgomery Rd here in Cincinnati) building up to the big party. Mark your calendar for the following dates as we will be recording our weekly show LIVE AT THE LODGE on these three Mondays.

June… 7:30 PM on June 5th
July… 7:30 PM on July 10th
August … 7:30 PM on August 21st

This all builds up to September 2017, a month that has been FIVE YEARS in the making! Our 300th episode will be available for download on September 20th, 2017 but we will be recording it during our a party we are throwing on Monday, September 18th at the Overlook Lodge.

Let the countdown to the celebration CONTINUE with more details as we get closer to the party!

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