Episode #265 – La La Reflections

Episode #265 – La La Reflections

Segment 1 (00:00:16) – Discourse Intercourse
Segment 2 (00:13:00) – La La Land Leads To Deeper Considerations
Segment 3 (00:29:41) – Bottoms Up: The Clear Wireless / Shaker 33
Segment 4 (00:42:56) – Electric Guest’s This Head I Hold, Upcoming Stuff, Cheers

This week Charlie and Ginny sample a mix of bars, comment on the evolution of many of them and reflect on all things OTR Cincinnati (the primary stomping grounds this week). From there, the film La La Land leads to some serious discussion. Next, it’s a cocktail and a new kind of cocktail shaker. In the end we close with some upbeat music and a few coming events. Start-to-finish, a new Charlie Tonic Hour is underway!

Episode #265: Hangovers and Alcohol Delivery
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La La Land Leads To Deeper Considerations

LLL d 12 _2353.NEF



Bottoms Up (Part 1)
The Clear Wireless

clear wireless

2 oz white brandy
1 oz white vermouth
1 dash orange bitters
twist of lemon

Assemble ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and stir. Strain into
a coupe glass – crystal clear, of course. Finish with the lemon twist.

Receipt comes by way of Dinner Party Download
Catch the episode here!


Bottoms Up (Part 2)
Shaker 33



Where we purchased ours
(and the best place to nab yours)!
Artichoke - Curated Cookware Collection Cincinnati, OH Google Chrome, Today at 1.53.50 PMartichokeotr.com

1824 Elm Street next to Historic Findlay Market
Cincinnati, OH


Music Focus
Electric Guest’s This Head I Hold
off the album Mondo



Upcoming Events



Charlie’s Next BIG THING Is Underway!


Special thanks to Ford Theatre Reunion,
the music of the Charlie Tonic Hour!FTR_300divider

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