Love The Words “Professional Writer”

Love The Words “Professional Writer”


Charlie here! Did you know that I can now call myself a professional writer? It’s become my day job and you can read my articles daily over at CompleteSet? Back on October 12th (when this change took place), I shared the following update via Facebook…

Today, my role at CompleteSet evolved and I love the new direction this job is taking within my life. Despite writing quite a bit over the years for various things in my life, today is the first day I can call myself a professional writer. Beginning today, that is my job.

For those who followed my writing for Comic Related, Charlie Tonic Hour and other projects over the years, my words will soon have a new home as I will be penning articles, daily, for CompleteSet. I turned in my first article today and there are A TON more to come.

The stories area of the site has shared over 100 articles in it’s first two months following it’s October 28th public debut. If you love toys, comics, culture or collectibles, I invite you to pay the site a visit, give it a bookmark and show support for my work. It is sincerely appreciated!

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