Episode #186 – In Honor of Pop Music

Episode #186 – In Honor of Pop Music

Episode #186 : In Honor Of Pop Music
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This week Charlie returns from San Diego Comic Con with stories, Ginny shares her latest adventures and an unapologetic love of pop music takes center stage. The wedding of our hosts is approaching festivities are beginning and plans are being finalized. Catch all the latest in this week’s Charlie Tonic Hour!


Segment 1 (00:00:24) – Discourse Intercourse featuring Rainbow Dance Party and San Diego Stories
Segment 2 (00:18:43) – Celebrating a Love of Cheesy Pop Music (Plus Personal Music Histories)
Segment 3 (00:42:53) – Bottoms Up: The Gift of Schierker Feuerstein
Segment 4 (00:48:22) – Closing The Show Featuring Hot Chelle Rae’s Tonight Tonight (Plus Website Issues)

dividerPhotos From The Week

11698447_10153417367172243_7386621583842873041_nCharlie takes on San Diego Comic Con

11694767_10153417584732243_5227731843544367197_nCharlie Makes New Friends

11742751_10153419823512243_5913383477769366121_nWe both really, really loved Firefly!

11737825_10153421061447243_1699936125032644138_nSimply San Diego Comic Con

11241622_952327921474985_5051272440891021651_n Scenes from…

11745644_952324551475322_6235848352055458224_n…Rainbow Dance Party…

11010990_952103828164061_6607334722311358548_n…kid focused bachelorette…

11222538_10206730511614288_3518657096462680804_n…party celebration!


Special thanks to Ford Theatre Reunion,
the music of the Charlie Tonic Hour!FTR_300

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