Episode #166 – Bourbon Classic 2015

Episode #166 – Bourbon Classic 2015


Ginny and Charlie are back from the 3rd annual Bourbon Classic and have they got a show for you! Get the inside scoop on all of it as Ginny runs amok with the bourbon media camp, visiting five distilleries, two bourbon receptions, one cooperage and countless inside jokes take shape. She was joined by Charlie for the main events of the cocktail classic; including a cocktail competition, bourbon university, master’s panel, and a grand bourbon tasting. They end the show with a drink of Michter’s from a bottle they actually picked up at the Classic. It’s a jam packed Hour, ready to enjoy.

Run Time: 1 hour, 1 minute, 15 seconds
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Segment 1 – The Bourbon Classic
The Full Show
(Segment Begins 14 Seconds Into The Show)

2015-02-20 19.21.18
Ginny Tonic’s Article Recapping The Bourbon Classic
2015-02-20 19.52.24-1
Such drinks…
2015-02-20 19.32.12
Such food…
2015-02-20 20.19.40
Such competition…
2015-02-20 19.48.19
Such amazing bourbon and cheese…
2015-02-21 15.34.51
Such master distillers…
2015-02-21 16.06.22
Such collecting…
2015-02-21 17.58.50
Such fun!
2015-02-21 20.00.33
Pictured above are our co-hosts for part of the episode!
Jonathan and Tamara of What’s Cookin’ Now
Bottoms Up This Week
Michter’s Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey 

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The Music You Hear Throughout the Episode
Ford Theatre Reunion
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Famous Monsters Album
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