Bottoms Up #62 – Jackie O’s Firefly Amber

Bottoms Up #62 – Jackie O’s Firefly Amber


The Uncommon Geek’s (Mr. and Ms. … join us for this week’s Bottoms Up as we sample a little Firefly Amber. You can have the sky, but your not taking this beer from me. Catch some beer discussion, a bit of Jackie O’s storytelling and more. Your short shot of alcohol is ready!

Run Time: 9 Minutes, 41 Seconds
Download the episode: bottomsup062.mp3

Jackie O’s Firefly Amber

About Jackie O’s
In March of 2013, we finally (after 18 months of building and planning) started packaging beers from our new production facility into kegs. 99.9% of the beers that our loyal customers have consumed around the state in the past year have come from this new brewery venture located at 25 Campbell Street in Athens, Ohio. Thanks so much for your support. In late May of 2013, we fired up our canning line for the first time and packaged both Firefly and Chomolungma at that time.

Jackie O’s self-distributed from March through July before signing off with Cavalier distributing in August. It has been a wild ride ever since with Jackie O’s adding Mystic Mama to the can offerings around the same time. Hop Ryot was the fourth can variety offered and has been on the market since Valentines Day of 2014 (for all you lovers out there!)

From our outset in 2013, we have been building an arsenal of barrels to age our bigger beers in. From rum and bourbon, to sherry and tequila barrels, we will be releasing a number of barrel aged beers throughout 2014 and beyond. These beers will be packaged into 375 mL bottles, along side their non-barrel aged counterparts. Look for these to start hitting shelves in April of 2014 with more to follow every 6-8 weeks thereafter.

About Firefly Amber
Firefly is our lightest offering at Jackie O’s. We like to refer to it as our gateway ale. Introducing macro-drinkers to this beer has proved to be effective in converting them into craft beer followers & aficionados. Seasoned craft beer drinkers also admire the drinkability and soft but wide range of flavors embedded within this amber ale. Lightly roasted malt gives Firefly a biscuit-like finish. Carefully selected hops provide an herbal and mildly citrus aroma and flavor.

The Music You Hear Throughout the Episode

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