Episode #113 – The Master Distillers

Episode #113 – The Master Distillers


Have you ever wanted to sit in a room and listen while a bourbon expert asks ten different master distillers questions about everything to do with the bourbon industry? Ginny and Charlie were lucky enough to have that chance at this year’s Louisville Bourbon Classic and this week they are presenting that Master Distiller’s panel to you in its entirety. After a quick intro, you will get to share that same experience before we close with a quick follow-up drink of Ranger Creek’s .44 Rye Whiskey.

Run Time: 1 Hour, 37 Minutes, 6 Seconds
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Segment 1 – Brief Introduction To The Panel

(Starts at 18 seconds into the show)
Segment 2 – The Master Distiller’s Panel
“The Bourbon Boom: Examining the Rising Price of Popularity”

(Starts at 2 minutes, 49 seconds into the show)
The Panel
Join hundreds of fellow enthusiasts as you meet the Master Distillers of our sponsoring brands. Enjoy the intimate setting as you hear the story of their personal journeys and the stories behind the development of some of bourbon’s most famous brands. This is a focused, one-on-one conversation designed to deliver unique insights into the product and the personality—don’t miss it!
MC: Fred Minnick

Master Distillers & Brand Legends:
Wes Henderson, Angel’s Envy

Harlen Wheatley, Buffalo Trace
Tom Bulleit, Bulleit Bourbon
Fred Noe, Jim Beam
Willie Pratt, Michter’s
Dave Schmier, Redemption Bourbon
Drew Kulsveen, Willett
Jimmy Russell, Wild Turkey


Segment 3 – Ranger Creek .44 Rye (Part 2)
— A Follow Up Bottoms Up —

(Starts at 1 hour, 32 minutes, 11 seconds into the show)

Get all the info via Bottoms Up
Episode #53 – Ranger Creek .44 Rye (aka Part 1)

Segment 4 – Closing Out The Show

The Music You Hear Throughout the Episode

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