Bourbon Classic

Bourbon Classic


The Bourbon Classic was an event of absolute style, taste and proved entertaining start to finish. Ginny Tonic and I had an amazing time at an event that not only presented some of the world’s best of bourbon, but brought together an astounding mix of legends, bourbon fans and industry types. Join us was we walk you back through some of the fun via links and photos. Today, we share a mix of shots (taken by both Ginny and I) from Friday, the kickoff night of the classic!

From the Barrel to the Bar: Bourbon Classic “Cocktail Challenge”
The Opening Celebration of the Bourbon Classic


Such a wonderful night of food and drink!
Here’s a FULL GALLERY OF PHOTOS of the River Walk!
[29 Photos]

After the Opening Celebration… After Party
Festivities Took Place At MilkWood


Here’s a FULL GALLERY OF PHOTOS of the River Walk!
[5 Photos]

We decided to walk to our hotel taking to the bridge to Indiana


But found a wonderful little bar along the way!
Quick close to the night at The Levee


So ends our look back on day one of two!
There is so much more to share… Soon…

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