San Antonio Day Three

San Antonio Day Three


By this point, we were hitting our stride with the convention. If you missed our recaps of Day 1 and Day 2, jump back and check out all the fun. For Day 3, we return with a new mix of shots (taken by both Ginny and I) from Saturday at the now legendary 2014 San Antonio Cocktail Conference!

On Saturday, we jumped into the interviews first thing chatting with Tito Beveridge of
Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Rocky Yeh, Spirits Portfolio Ambassador for Cooper and Sons!


You can hear both these interviews on episode #110 of the Charlie Tonic Hour!

After that, it was time to dive into a few sessions. Charlie headed for Gin while Ginny
attended one on transforming a root spirit into syrups and gastriques! First up Charlie…


This first session was titled “Gin Is In: The Rise of America Gin”. Here, Travis Tober and
Brooke Arthur (along with others) clear up the history of American gin and what makes it so fun and
exciting. Learn new ways to incorporate this classic spirit into your bar menu.

Next up Ginny’s first session of the morning. During “The Cellar Master’s Approach To Creating
Elegant Cocktails”, Olaf Harmel transformed a root spirit then created cocktails with the ingredients.


After gin, Charlie made his way to “Libations In The Stream: Hemingway’s
Favorites From Key West, Bimini & Cuba” where he traveled back to the 1920’s and ‘30’s
with Papa’s Pilar Rum. Through a presentation by Philip Greene he enjoyed recipes, anecdotes
and rum cocktails as Philip tied all this into the life of Hemingway.

Hear our conversation with Philip Greene on episode #50 of Bottoms Up!


While Charlie was in the Hemingway session, Ginny was attending a session on
“Women Behind Bars: A Spirited History Of Women In the Cocktail World”. Here hanky-panky
flows freely as LUPEC-NYC takes a well-researched look back on our fore-broads – from
mold-breaking saloon owners to today’s cocktail mavens – to understand the vital (though
overlooked) impact women have had on the evolution of bars and cocktails.


Through the day, everywhere we turned there were cocktails to try.
Even in the media room there was mixology afoot!


After class was done for the day, it was time to celebrate once again!
Let’s begin with the tasting room! Open from 12:00 – 5:00 p.m. on Saturday at the
Sheraton Gunter Hotel, this was an endurance run.


Here’s a FULL GALLERY OF PHOTOS touring the tasting room!
[34 Photos]

What would be a conference without a little beer?
Charlie may have gotten lost rejoining us (listen to episode #109 for details) but in the end a
“Friendly Craft Beer Break” was enjoyed as area brewers or brewery reps served up samples!


Recreating this day, I’m beginning to understand why we were so tired by the end!

Up next (on the walk back) we hit a local tap-room…


…stop off for a margarita…


…and still make it to the next gathering!

The “Stroll on Houston Street” took place at Bohanan’s Restaurant & Bar then moved
to Luke San Antonio.  Yes, they closed the sidewalks and opening up the night to SACC, with parties,
food and booze at the glittering Bohanan’s Bar and courtyard. After finishing there, we moved to the
overlooking the River Walk at Luke. Between the two venues? Music, music and more music!


Here’s a FULL GALLERY OF PHOTOS from the celebration!
[34 Photos]

Think this is enough? No, we didn’t either but it was starting to catch up with us.

The final stop of the night was the “After-Party with the The 86 Co. & The Spazmatics
at the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre.  Aylesbury Duck Vodka invited us out for a night of fun and
debauchery 80’s style as Texas’ best bars and bartenders presented “throwback” 80’s cocktails
with Aylesbury Duck Vodka, Tequila Cabeza, Caña Brava Rum and Fords Gin.


Here’s a FULL GALLERY OF PHOTOS from the celebration!
[9 Photos]

We may have left early. We may have missed the Spazmatics, but
we had one hell of a great walk home…



So ends our look back on day three of four!
[You can jump back to day one here and day two here]
There is one more day to share… Soon…

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