San Antonio Day Two

San Antonio Day Two


It is hard to explain just how much fun we had at the San Antonio Cocktail Conference. In pictures, we try. Join us was we walk you back through some of the fun via links and photos. Today, we share a mix of shots (taken by both Ginny and I) from Friday at the cocktail conference!

Ah San Antonio, we miss you already!


The day was filled with cocktail sessions, tastings and
interviews that led up to the Friday night parties (three in total).

Ginny was the first in a session of the day (while I snuck back to Blanco Cafe for a quick bite).
She did it right as Sasha Petraske, of Milk and Honey, fame shared a class on
“Making Cocktails For Your Home Cocktail Party”. Here are a couple of his creations…


While she was there, I was out scouting ahead to find the Soho Wine and Martini Bar.
There we would have one of the highlights of our trip as Wes Henderson of Angel’s Envy
did a presentation on “The Evolution of Barrel Aging”. What a great session!


Here’s a FULL GALLERY OF PHOTOS from the presentation!
[16 Photos]

After that we split up and took in a couple more sessions before settling into our interviews
of the afternoon. I attended a session on “Cocktail Branches: How We Got From Here To There”
by the very interesting Aussie bartender Michael Madrusan.


At nearly the same time, Ginny was attending a session titled “Under Pressure: Carbonated &
Bottled Cocktails”. Kyle Ford and Evan Wallace showed how house-made pre-bottled cocktails
could be a time-saver and offer unique labeling and packaging opportunities.

2014-01-17 14.11.54

Our first interview of the day (which you will hear on episode #51 of Bottoms Up this Friday) was
with the legendary Wes Henderson, son of Lincoln Henderson and co-creator of Angel’s Envy.
Meeting him had Ginny geeking out for weeks leading up to the conference.


From there the interviews just flowed in (and around) the media room as we spoke with
Dushan Zaric and Jason Kosmas of The 86 Company (as heard on episode #109)
and author Philip Greene of “To Have And Have Another” (as heard on Bottoms Up #50).


Here’s a FULL GALLERY OF PHOTOS from the interview!
[10 Photos]

The evening began in earnest with Rio San Antonio Cruises taking us by
boat ride to Texas Spirits Night but not before cocktails hosted by Remy-Cointreau! Here
are some scenes from the trip to the party…


Once we arrived at our destination (after going through locks and encountering the magic fish),
another great party was waiting. Here the focus was a showcase of 11 Texas brands
creatively presented by some of San Antonio’s finest craft cocktail bars. Add to that live
music from The Rick Cavender Band and chef-driven bites from Pearl, it was pretty amazing!


Here’s a FULL GALLERY OF PHOTOS from stop one of three for the night!
[36 Photos]

From there we journeyed on to Cured and an invite after-party. Self described as “from America’s
lands to our hands, farmhouse fare at Cured is based on our shared core values – smart,
sustainable and seasonal”, Cured was a comfortable spot (aka gastropub) to ramp up the night!


Here’s a FULL GALLERY OF PHOTOS from the evening!
[22 Photos]

The last stop of the evening was an unofficial extra-happy-hour at the Brooklynite!
We would most certainly be back here before the weekend was done, but for tonight
we finished with it and it finished us!


So ends our look back on day two of four!
[You can jump back to day one here]
There is so much more to share… Soon…

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