Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

What an utterly amazing holiday this year!

Ginny Tonic (aka Rachel) often jokes that I can get pretty “Hallmark-y” when it comes to talking about life and the people I care about. With that in mind, I’ll admit that this post is heading down that road with no brakes, no guard rails and blinkers warning anyone easily sugar-coated by sentiment to get out of the way. I’m not ashamed and I’m quite often more happy than I deserve!

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I’m a fan of Christmas, snow, family and the entire holiday season. This year was really special to me as I’ve been looking for my life to “settle” for a while now. It’s been a ride and during that trek, I’ve seen just about everything in that life change (with the sole exception being ComicRelated.com and a few long running friends who have stood through these times with me).

From my work life to the city in which I live to the focus of how I spend my time each day, in many ways I rebooted my life starting in 2011. Since that point, I’ve found a home that is more comfortable than I knew could be possible and a life that has shined all the brighter in the lights of the holidays this year. For this and so much more, I am very thankful.

The holidays themselves have been a treat. From the celebrations with family and friends (old and new) to the way in which everything just felt fresh and rich because there two wonderful kids and an amazing woman at the very center of my life… this was an incredible Christmas. We’ve eaten too much, watched a mountain of Christmas specials (again, old and new) and toasted more than once what it means to be content with your life.

If I’m honest though, it wasn’t all tinsel tied as I clearly felt the loss of my step-father Al and my own father who passed away a few years ago. My mom was a rock in these difficult times (her first without Al) but I know it all wasn’t easy on her. It was great to spend time with her on Christmas day and she has both my love and respect. Those two men helped make me who I am today and a day doesn’t go by without me thinking of them, especially during the holidays.

There are so many people I could discuss here, but I will simply leave it with the sentiment that if I have seen and shared time with you recently, I can’t thank you enough for being a part of my life and the joy of our holiday season. I am, in so very many ways, a blessed man.


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