Bottoms Up #45 – Moonshine of Hazard

Bottoms Up #45 – Moonshine of Hazard


Ginny Tonic and Charlie find themselves in one of the more underground arenas of spirits this week as they are given a mason jar filled with authentic, “direct from the hills of Kentucky” moonshine. This is white lightning of the classic variety as this jar comes from a corn mash recipe dating back to the 1700’s crafted via a still design handed down through the generations without change. A wild ride and a varied discussion is distilled into this episode which runs just under 17 minutes.

Run Time: 16 Minutes, 43 Seconds
Download the episode: bottomsup045.mp3

Moonshine of Hazard


What we were told…

“Here’s what I know about this particular shine and feel I can safely say without incriminating anyone. It comes from an old timer from the Hazard Kentucky area. It’s a family corn mash recipe dating back to the 1700’s that made it through the “Whiskey Rebellion” that happened along much of the western frontier at that time in 1791-94, not just in the western Pennsylvania and Ohio bordering area. It made it through the good and hard times of Prohibition when there were more moonshiners than ever and more Feds hunting and killing those moonshiners. It’s made in a traditional wood fired cooper still using local limestone spring water. The still design has also been passed down through the generations without any modern upgrades to its original design. I believe keeping the real history and tradition alive is more important to this family than anything else.”

To those who created it
(and Ginny and Charlie do not know who that is)

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