Episode #103 – Masters of Sex and Wifi

Episode #103 – Masters of Sex and Wifi


All it takes is a couple days buried inside after two rounds of snow plus an unkind predatory cold and suddenly Ginny and Charlie find themselves catching up fast on their television watching. This week they discuss the Showtime original series Masters of Sex. Of course, what starts as a simple television chat morphs into a discussion of culture and sex throught he ages. From there, breaking news about public wifi catches their attention, the Chicken Cock returns and the Oh Hellos are discussed. Grab a drink and join us for this week’s episode!

Run Time: 1 hour, 3 Minutes, 14 Seconds
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Segment 1 – Discourse Intercourse

(Starts at 17 seconds into the show)
Scenes from the past week!
Despite the Weather, We Still Make It Out Friday
2013-12-06 17.37.20
Scenes from Saturday’s Private Tonic Tour
2013-12-07 16.13.00
2013-12-07 17.15.04
Double Barrel  Brewery Was Stop Number Three
2013-12-07 19.20.10
2013-12-07 19.41.24
2013-12-07 20.28.07
2013-12-07 20.34.50
 Segment 2 – Masters of Sex
(Starts at 16 minutes, 18 seconds into the show)
The Showtime Original Series Masters of Sex
 Segment 3 – Masters of Wifi
(Starts at 37 minutes, 12 seconds into the show)
Free Public Wifi Should Be The Standard!
 Segment 4 – Bottoms Up
Chicken Cock Cocktails
(Starts at 48 minutes, 26 seconds into the show)
2013-12-10 22.31.34
The Episode of Bottoms Up Mentioned
Episode #43 – Chicken Cock
The Queen City Drinks Article Ginny Wrote
  Segment 5 – Closing Out The Show
(Starts at 53 minutes and 53 second into the show)
Ginny’s Music Recommendation For This Week
The Oh Hello’s – Second Child, Restless Child
The NEW Music You Hear Throughout the Episode
Ford Theatre Reunion
All Music Featured Comes From FTR’s
Famous Monsters Album
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