Bottoms Up #37 – Rivertown’s Triumvirate & Ojos Negros

Bottoms Up #37 – Rivertown’s Triumvirate & Ojos Negros

A beer made with tonic and aged in a gin barrel? A wild fermented sour that uses 140 pounds of blackberries? These describe the two of the specialty beers out of Rivertown Brewing Company that Ginny and Charlie are trying this week. Join them as they explore Triumvirate and Ojos Negros, two sour beers that will win you over.

Run Time: 10 Minutes, 48 Seconds
Download the episode: bottomsup037.mp3

Rivertown Brewing Company’s
Triumvirate & Ojos Negros

(from the official website

Inside this bottle, you will find the fruits of a collaboration between Rivertown Brewing Company, the Rookwood Resturant, and Smooth Ambler Spirits, a delicious blend of wild ale, spices, and citrus, all aged in a gin barrel. We hope this fine beverage will call to mind the classic gin cocktail that inspired it. It is with great pride that our three companies present Triumvirate. 6.3% ABV, 8 SRM, 6 IBU

Ojos Negros
(from the official website

Ojos Negros malt beverage aged in Oak Wine Barrels with Blackberries. Available in 750ml bottle only, released once yearly in July. A wild fermented brew aged in oak wine barrels with over 140 pounds of whole blackberries for one year. 6.3% ABV, 5 SRM, 9 IBU

Charlie with Rom Wells from the Rookwood

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