Contests And Anniversaries

Contests And Anniversaries

Yesterday saw two big events with two big websites in my life!

First over on I wrote a small story celebrating the Nine Year Anniversary of that site which I started in 2004. It’s been quite an evolution over the years and writing just those few notes convinced me that I have a longer story in me about the history, evolution and direction of CR. I’ve worked toward but never quite made it into the small press haven I once dreamed of creating. It does a great job and covers the world of comics better than I ever could have hoped, but it’s a site that is in constant evolution as we continue to build it into the internet dynamo we all know it is slowly becoming. Here’s a nice then and now show. Quite the change over the years…


Read my October 1st anniversary update here.

Just before those festivities hit CR, kicked away the “off months” dust and started ramping back up in a serious way for our 2014 show. To that end, the site and the convention opened its doors to artists inviting them to submit designs for our 2014 show poster, t-shirt and program cover. In addition to taking your submissions, the public will be directly involved in helping us select our art as we celebrate and give exposure to the work of regional creators and those who want to be part of Derby City Comic Con.


Read all the details and contest rules here.



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