Meet The Bulleit

Meet The Bulleit

On this week’s episode of Bottoms Up, we took a turn tasting Bulleit Rye. Unlike many of our episodes, we went in knowing we liked this particular straight rye whiskey and in some ways wanted to celebrate it. The bottle, thankfully, was already on hand and made for an easy focus for the show. As I taste it, I find a slight tobacco flavor that mixes with an almost cherry finish and shares just enough prickle on the tongue to be worthwhile and pleasing. Increasingly, I find myself seeking out that rye prickle or, in its absence, a taste of smoke almost akin to Scotch these days. Scoring 90 points in the July 2012 issue of Wine Enthusiast, I don’t think I’m alone in my respect for this particular rye.

When I sit down to sip a whiskey, I find myself wanting to be challenged just a bit by the taste. Over time I’ve found I’ve been moving away from the more simple or smooth bourbons out there. I still enjoy them, but I’m learning more and more that I look for and enjoy in a whiskey.

For Bulleit it’s clear that strong marketing, cool bottle design and quality product has allowed this rye to make its way into many a mixologist’s arsenal as a tool for cocktails because, I feel, that is one of its real strengths. It brings a craft taste to the mix that works really well in todays increasingly historically focused patron taste target profile. Also, when I see places like the Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar reaching for it in cocktails, I know to try it at home. In my experience, the cocktails Ginny Tonic puts together with this rye have been spectacular and I join her in saying rye is the way to go when doing a classic Manhattan. She’s so on the money with that recommendation.

Without further ado, I invite you to join us for this weekend’s short shot of alcohol and invite you to sip or mix with Bulleit at home.

Bottoms Up – Episode #31

Run Time: 13 Minutes, 17 Seconds

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