Backwards Writing

Backwards Writing

I’m the king of tossing out plans and then working out how to get to the end of those plans well after the announcement was made. It’s a fun way I’ve challenged myself again and again over the years. I’ve done it on a large-scale and a small-scale much to the delight and sometimes stressed out utter fear of those I’m working with. 9 out of 10 times I pull it off and something good grows out of it.

You know how I got into podcasting? I announced on that I would start on March 28th 2008 just two months ahead of that date. At the time I made that proclamation, I didn’t know the first thing about podcasting, didn’t own a mic, had no clue how to edit audio, didn’t know where I would post it and had no one who planned to mentor me. I was simply confident I could pull it off. I mean, come on… I had two months to learn it all and, funny thing, I did. That very first episode of the  Related Recap podcast launched as promised feeding out through iTunes and our site to the world. I’ve been proudly recording audio for the internet for the past 5+ years since that time producing or taking part in well over 500 episodes for various shows with which I’ve been affiliated.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I’m starting to really get the bug to move into video as a side venture to audio. I’ve been doing the little video blog posts here and there over the last week but that’s just playing around. The shoots are not yet well-lit, they look very DIY and the audio is overmodulating way too often. These early videos are easy to knock out and very quick one-and-done shoots. I want to do more.

I caught this bug after watching Please Subscribe and doing research for a segment on episode #85 of the Charlie Tonic Hour. Here’s the trailer to that film…

On Wednesday I did one of those customary throw downs pronouncing I would be doing a Derby City Comic Con video blog the next day. I knew when I said it, I wanted to up my game just a bit because Derby City is my bread and butter in life. To me, that convention sincerely matters. That’s what brings us to “backwards writing”, the title of this post.

You see, those first few video blogs were shot on my MacBook Air without edits via the onboard cam and the native PhotoBooth app. So easy it’s literally a couple-clicks-and-done kind of thing. I might have tried that for the Derby City video, but I wanted to use a banner backdrop with the show’s logo. Sadly, photo booth presents writing in mirror image form. The Derby City Comic Con would be backwards if I used that app. Hence began the quest for a better way.

Thursday morning I fired up iMovie for the first time and started playing. It had a native camera capture so I recorded a 10 minute blog sharing a ton of exciting stuff about Derby City Comic Con 2014. Sadly, the processor appears to have had a hard time keeping the video and audio in sync as I recorded and over the course of the shoot things were dramatically off by the end. I worked for the better part of an afternoon trying different tricks but it became obvious that it would be easier to re-record the entire thing with better equipment.

In addition to iMovie, I own a copy of Final Cut Pro (aka, the uber-daddy of all video editing software) but I’m working my way up to using that. I also own an HD camera and tri-pod so depending on the laptop cam isn’t something I have to do. As today got busy I decided to give it until Monday to get the video live but I’m learning more and more every day and I sincerely feel the end product will be really interesting. Over on the Derby City website I’m planning to do some real behind-the-scenes stuff between now and late June 2014.

This is really an exciting time for YouTube culture as there are some massively exciting things happening in the world of video and monetizing video. As major programming channels are emerging and the next generation of kids is quickly becoming more video focussed than text, this service and places like it become their entry point to the internet. It’s time to grab some land and set up shop for the future and I’m starting to explore. Stick around. By then end it should be quite fun!

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