Chatting with Molly Wellmann

Chatting with Molly Wellmann

It is a bourbon-heavy show this week but we are guessing listeners of the Charlie Tonic Hour podcast will be ok with that. After a weekend wrap-up Ginny and I sit down with Molly Wellmann at the Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar to talk about the bar, her new cocktail book, and of course, bourbon. After that we have a review of the bourbon Molly recommended and a song by a stand out new group, Typhoon (whose music you can hear below). Trust us, they will blow you away and I’ve been listening to them a good chunk of today.

First up, a video introduction teasing this week’s episode of the Charlie Tonic Hour, some Derby City Comic Con announcements (and more)…

Next up, the music I mention from Typhoon…

Finally, please enjoy this week’s Charlie Tonic Hour (featuring Molly Wellman)…

Run Time: 1 hour, 2 Minutes, 38 Seconds

Episode #90 – Molly Wellmann Returns!

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