Rising From The YouTube

Rising From The YouTube

As part of this whole social media centralization campaign I’ve been waging, yesterday I took a look at my history with YouTube and the many false starts I’ve made over the years bringing video into the various projects I manage. It’s embarrassing how many times I’ve started and stopped, but honestly it felt tougher to pull this stuff off in years past. Now via services like Vine and the increased capabilities of YouTubeediting software and even cell phones, video feels easier than ever before.

A picture shows a You Tube logo on December 4, 2012 during LeWeb Paris 2012 in Saint-Denis near Paris. Le Web is Europe's largest tech conference, bringing together the entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers who shape the future of the internet. AFP PHOTO ERIC PIERMONT (Photo credit should read ERIC PIERMONT/AFP/Getty Images)

Playing around with a couple video editing software packages a little, I’m already enjoying how much easier everything feels on a MacBook. Also, experimenting with the very “toilet paper roll resembling” mini HD video camera I own, I find myself enthused to give video blogging and, in time, video production another shot. I feel like I’m pretty proficient at audio editing and I want to work to develop those same skills on the video side. There’s just far too many reasons to want to move in this direction (as Ginny and I discussed back on episode #85 of the Charlie Tonic Hour).

This first foray presented below is raw, unedited and uses the camera on my MacBook Air. It’s more a “hello” than a finished piece but it kicks off my new YouTube account and channel. With that said, let me step out-of-the-way so I can explain it to you…

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