Eight Years Waiting

Eight Years Waiting

A lone bottle of pomegranate zinfandel may seem like a strange wine to hold for eight years, but that’s what happened with this one. My mom purchased it as a gift with a special label dedicated to a farm I had just purchased all those years ago. At first I was holding it for some kind of ceremonial christening of the property where it would be consumed in celebration of giving the farm its planned name, Noddin Way Farm.

A lot happened over the next five years. I would eventually move out, divorce and put the farm up for sale. The bottle itself went into storage. It would come out and turn up on several wine racks over the years, but it never felt like the right time to drink it. Eventually, after meeting Ginny Tonic, she suggested it be opened when the farm sold. This seemed wonderfully appropriate.

That sale happened this past week and that story and subsequent tasting became the drink segment for Episode #89 of the Charlie Tonic Hour podcast.

Also on this week’s show, listen as a weekend of cocktails, bachelorettes and parties takes shape and Ginny gets obsessed with a new music service and an old way of eating. Join us now for all the fun (and that drink segment starts 37 minutes and 38 seconds into the show.

Full Episode Run Time: 57 Minutes, 49 Seconds

Download the episode: charlietonichour089.mp3

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