Charlie Rambles On

Charlie Rambles On

Hello world! Charlie here…

I know I’ve been a bit absence of late from the world of blogging, but I’ve been pretty busy podcasting (here at, penning a column (over at, planning a convention ( and playing tour guide ( That said, I have a plan and I’d like to introduce you to my new blogging URL and a kind of one stop shop for all things me…!

If you follow that link, you’ll notice that you actually don’t stray far from the Charlie Tonic domain. That entire blog actually exists inside this website and is very much a part of This new blog quietly launched on September 2nd, 2013; Labor Day. That seemed kind of a fitting day to launch a website dedicated to everything I consider “work” in my life these days.

I know what you are thinking before you even ask. Why does Charlie need yet another website? The answer, quite seriously, grew out of my desire to build a business card that made sense and have an email address which would be a one-stop-shop for everything I have going on in my life. At the same time, it offered me a spot to clarify and clean up all the many hats I wear in any given day and answer friends and family when they ask the question, what does Charlie do?

If you notice all the websites I tossed out at the start of this post, that’s a lot to fit on one business card. That said, everything I do is very important to me, comes up in conversations and these are all aspects of my life I need to talk about and promote most days.

“CharlieRambles” started as the social media handle I used everywhere, but it’s developing into more than just that. The name itself has a double meaning. First, I do enjoy talking and tend to ramble on. Also, I’ve always enjoyed travel and diving into life so being known as a bit of a “rambler” in the more classic sense of the word also makes me smile.

In trying to design a new business card, it was hard to pin down which aspect of my life should take the lead and I certainly didn’t want to have to keep up with four cards. In the absence of an easy answer, I decided to simply brand myself and build a website that integrated links to everything I produce on the web making me the focus rather than the many projects I’m part of each week. At the same time, I thought it might be a fun testing ground for new projects and more personal writing.

In this new space I’ll blog, I’ll video and I’ll tie together everything I’m producing each week. The topics covered will be wide and this will be something that evolves as I go. Sound good? Give it a bookmark. The ride will be fun as I work to create one link to rule them all.

Does that mean an end to my musings here? Most certainly not! Having this new venue has actually already enthused me to write more. Here, my musings will be more in line with the topics we cover on the show each week. Over on, anything and everything will be fair game.


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