Beer and Sweat

Beer and Sweat


Back in Episode 87, Charlie and I talked about how much fun we had volunteering at Beer & Sweat. When I first saw the poster I thought it was another one of those beer runs that keep popping up all over but it is actually the homebrew competition that is put on by the Bloatarian Brewing League. So in other words much better than a beer run because here they give you your beer without making you run 3.1 miles first. Even though I had been unaware of the competition until a few weeks before it occurred, this was the 25th anniversary of Beer & Sweat.

I can’t stress enough how much fun the event was. We got to drink an amazing selection of beers, hang out with friends and local brewers alike, and just witness the energy and craziness that happens when you put hundreds of passionate homebrewers in one room to drink, debate, and drink some more. All together there were over 330 kegs entered into the competition. The event was well run, organized, and very generous to their volunteers. I can say right now that Charlie and I hope to be back next year and we will be bringing our brewing friends with us. Congratulations to Chris Meta of TRASH who won Best of Show at the 25th Anniversary of Beer & Sweat with an American Wild Ale and runner up Andy Weigel of TRASH with a Belgian Specialty Ale.

Wonderfully creative beer names were everywhere.


Especially when they were used to trash-talk your competitors.


Ginny and Scott LaFollette of Blank Slate


Two beer lovers enjoying the samples.


The official oath swearing of the Bloatarian Brewing League


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