Episode #87 – Brothels, Bootleggers, Booze and an Uncommon Geek

Episode #87 – Brothels, Bootleggers, Booze and an Uncommon Geek

Charlie and Ginny are back with a new episode as they feature two very different but equally interesting guest interviews this week. One guest puts on historic tours and discusses an almost wild west history of Cincinnati while the other lives a very Uncommon Geek life these days. Join our hosts as they interview, are interviewed, live through a very fast paced week, sample some vodka and talk about a band that’s already broken up. It’s a new episode of the Charlie Tonic Hour!

Run Time: 1 hour, 15 Minutes, 15 Seconds

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 Segment 1 – Discourse Intercourse
(Starts at 19 seconds into the show)
A few photos from a very full week:
Moerlein’s Tap Room
A martini at Japps
Queen City History Tour
OYO Tasting
Beer and Sweat
 Segment 2 – Cincinnati History Tours
Featuring Michael Morgan
(Starts at 19 minutes, 53 seconds into the show)
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Queen City History Tours
Ginny Discusses the Tour here at Charlie Tonic
 Segment 3 – An Uncommon Geek
Featuring Troy Copes
(Starts at 28 minutes, 3 seconds into the show)
 Segment 4 – Bottoms Up
Hank Birdwell’s Vodka
(Starts at 54 minutes, 29 seconds into the show)
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Hank Birdwhell’s Vodka
Ginny Discusses the Vodka at Queen City Drinks
  Segment 5 – Closing Out The Show
(Starts at 1 hour, 5 minutes and 18 seconds into the show)
Charlie’s Music Recommendation For This Week
LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls
Join Ginny Tonic for a Tour!

Don’t Miss Charlie’s Convention
June 28-29, 2014
“Short Shot of Alcohol To Kick Off Your Weekend”
Continues Friday

The Music You Hear Throughout the Episode

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