Bottoms Up #26 – el Arco Tequila

Bottoms Up #26 – el Arco Tequila

A law office high above Cincinnati is an unusual setting for a tequila tasting but sometimes you just have to follow where the alcohol leads. This week Ginny and Charlie meet with two of the owners of el Arco premium tequila to taste their wears and learn what makes el Arco stand apart from the other top shelf tequila brands. Along they way they also get a nice lesson in the nature and history of tequila.

Run Time: 26 Minutes, 21 Seconds
Download the episode: bottomsup026.mp3

el Arco Tequila

From the official website (

The blue agave plant is the heart and soul of any fine tequila. The Tres Mujeres Ranch in Amatitan, Mexico  is where el Arco is born. It is here where only the finest blue agave resides, all organically grown with no pesticides or fertilizers. These qualities are what separate el Arco from other top selling tequilas in the market. Our main goal, plain and simple, is to produce 100% natural, handcrafted tequila made of 100% pure blue agave, using traditional processes.

With tequila no longer being a hangover-inducing swill for the spring breakers, Mexico’s signature spirit has come of age as a drink savored by connoisseurs and aficionados all over the world. No other brand in the marketplace competes with the overall taste, quality, and aesthetic appeal that el Arco offers.

Next time you choose tequila, choose the best. Ask for el Arco!

el Arco Blanco:

To begin the process, the agave is given a lot number, and upon the arrival at the distillery, it is analyzed for sugar content. Thus, beginning the first of many steps of quality control before being cooked for fermentation. Fermentation is done at natural temperatures on the average of 86-90 degrees Fahrenheit, taking 3-4 days. It is then double oxygenated to give the tequila its perfect smooth taste. It’s no wonder why el Arco Blanco is currently tied for 2nd in the world with a 92 rating.

el Arco Anejo:

For the true tequila enthusiast, el Arco Anejo provides an average of 24 months of barrel aging and a taste that is truly unmatched. el Arco Anejo is currently tied for 5th in the world with a 90 rating.

Photos From The Tasting
Which Took Place at  The Morgeson Law Office
Featuring Company Owners Greg Meyer and Rocky Boiman

The Music You Hear Throughout the Episode
Photo by Charlie at MOTR in Cincinnati
on August 8th, 2013

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