Bottoms Up #25 – Bluegrass Sundown

Bottoms Up #25 – Bluegrass Sundown

Have you heard of the Bluegrass Sundown? It is a dark roasted coffee infused with Kentucky Bourbon and sugar which makes a wonderful little cocktail that’s really quite original. How does it taste in other mixes? Ginny Tonic and Charlie explore this Irish Coffee with a decidedly Kentucky spin and share all the details in this week’s episode!

Run Time: 11 Minutes, 4 Seconds
Download the episode: bottomsup025.mp3

Bluegrass Sundown

From the official website (

Reminiscent of the famed Irish coffee, but with a decidedly Kentucky spin, Bluegrass Sundown™ is a dark roasted coffee infused with Kentucky Bourbon and sugar. Upon opening the beautiful and mysterious dark bottle, a sensory experience immediately unfolds. The velvet liquid is poured into a beautiful glass and boiling water is added to fully release the flavors and aromas. Topped with a delicate layer of heavy cream, Bluegrass Sundown is the ideal grand finale to a special evening.


2012 International Spirits Competition- Gold

2012 International Spirits Competition- Design- Silver

2012 The Whiskey Reviewer- B-

A White Russian Sundown

The Music You Hear Throughout the Episode

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