Episode #83 – Prohibition, Calamity Labs and Surfers

Episode #83 – Prohibition, Calamity Labs and Surfers

It’s a beautiful summer day here at the Charlie Tonic studios and we have a fun episode lined up for you. After a short Discourse Intercourse segment, Ginny Tonic and Charlie begin with a discussion of the documentary Prohibition but end up covering a lot of political and philosophical ground before they’re done. What exactly does Charlie wish he could say on a show but hasn’t? Listen and find out!

From there Calamity Dawn and Dorian of Calamity Labs stop by for a Bottoms Up visit. While they are here, they share an update on all their mixology projects and serve our hosts a wonderful surprise cocktail of their own creation. From there, we end the show with a band that framed Charlie’s college days and helped introduce him to alternative music; the Butthole Surfers.
Strap yourselves in kiddies, there’s a colorful ride ahead this week.

Run Time: 1 Hour, 16 Minutes, 29 Seconds

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 Segment 1 – Discourse Intercourse
(Starts at 20 seconds into the show)
 Segment 2 – Prohibition
(Starts at 6 minutes, 44 seconds into the show)
 Segment 3 – Bottoms Up
Calamity Labs and Dorian’s Dream
(Starts at 34 minutes, 54 seconds into the show)
The Cocktail Presented
Dorian’s Dream
  Segment 5 – Closing Out The Show
Featuring the Butthole Surfers
(Starts at 58 minutes, 43 seconds into the show)
Charlie’s Music Recommendation For This Week
Butthole Surfers – Sweat Loaf
Also mentioned during the segment
Butthole Surfers – Pepper
Join Ginny Tonic for a Tour!

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The Music You Hear Throughout the Episode

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