Ford Theater Reunion’s New Album

Ford Theater Reunion’s New Album


Here on the Charlie Tonic Hour, we’ve never been shy about our support and enthusiasm for the Lexington based band Ford Theater Reunion. I don’t know if it’s their unique sound, the passion they put into their music, or just because they are clearly cooler than us but still let us hang out with them, but we can’t get enough. We’ve interviewed them, drank with them, made them the theme song on Bottoms Up, and occasionally cuddled with them. So of course we were super excited to get the following press release from the group.

For the past eight months Kentucky’s premier Circus-Punk ensemble has been hard at work in Sneak Attack! Studios, alongside producer/engineer Jason Groves, crafting the most musically ambitious project in their nearly five-year history.

This collection of recordings marks a new direction for one of Kentucky’s most unusual bands.  An eight-piece in their previous studio work, “Monsters” sees FTR distilled down to five members.  This new lineup makes for a tighter, more cohesive sound, without sacrificing the huge sonic landscape and complex arrangements the group has become known for across the region.

“Famous Monsters” will be officially released on July 5 at Cosmic Charlie’s in Lexington KY.  The release show will feature a jam-packed bill of the regions strangest and most interesting musical acts and performers, including Qiet (gypsy-circus rock from Huntington WV), Fable Cry (freak folk cabaret duo from Nashville TN), and Lexington’s own Deadly Sins Burlesque and Tinderbox Circus Sideshow!  The event begins at 9:00pm, costs $7 at the door, and is 18+ ($5 surcharge for minors).

Following the release, the CD will be available for purchase at all of our upcoming shows, at CD Central in Lexington, and online at  The full album will also be available for download later in July at  The first single, “Alligator”, is streaming now on the official website, as well as Facebook and ReverbNation.

FTR will also be on the road, across the Midwest and Southeast, in support of the new album through this coming fall.  You (and your readers) can head on over to to see the full schedule of appearances.

I listened to an advance copy of the album this morning and all hyperbole aside, it is phenomenal. The group has really grown both as musicians and storytellers on this album. Lyrically they have taken their dark carnival sound to a further, creepier level but haven’t lost the rye edge of humor that keeps the songs from veering into gothic self pretension. Of course this did not stop the song “Tea and Cakes” from giving me chills.

Musically FTR is sounding really tight and mature. This was a really well produced album and the instruments and vocals balance nicely. The group is lucky to have three talented vocalists, all with a unique sound, that they weave together or use individually to keep each track sounding fresh and engaging. I wish that I knew more about music so that I could better describe the album but since I don’t, I recommend that rather than taking my word for it, you listen to ‘Alligator’ off ‘Famous Monsters’ below.

Charlie and I will be at Cosmic Charlie’s July 5th for the album release party and we hope to see you all there. I know that the whole band has pouring their heart and soul into this for months and it is so exciting to see it come to fruition.

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