Bottoms Up #18 – Ancient Age

Bottoms Up #18 – Ancient Age

It’s a blast from the past for Bourbon Day today. In honor of the invention of bourbon by Elijah Craig in 1789 we present you with a review of our favorite “everyday” bourbon, Ancient Age 10 Star. This more modest bottle out of the Buffalo Trace distillery is a lovely, rye-heavy, bourbon that is surprisingly smooth for the price point. Although the 10 Star hasn’t been as available lately you should snap up a bottle if you find one. If your local liquor store doesn’t have it, go ahead and splurge on the 10 year. You won’t regret it.

Run Time: 8 Minutes, 23 Seconds
Download the episode: bottomsup018.mp3

Articles Tied to the Segment:
The Horses Neck Coctail
Celebrate National Bourbon Day
Both articles penned by Ginny Tonic!

In the segment we discuss Ancient Age‘s
10 Star and 10 Year Bourbon!

From the official website

Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star

The classic flavor should be savored by all bourbon enthusiasts. Marked by its sweetness
and heavy rye flavor, it’s an easy bourbon to sip.

Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year

Aged for a decade and bottled at 86 proof, this bourbon is a cult classic. Full of subtle flavors, it
is perfect for sipping and easy to enjoy by new bourbon drinkers and connoisseurs alike.

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The Music You Hear Throughout the Episode

Photo by Cara Suppa with
Joe Harbison and Eric Myers
at The V Club Night Club
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