Hellapalooza at The Southgate House Revival.

Hellapalooza at The Southgate House Revival.

hell lights


Thank you to everyone who came out to Hellapalooza at The Southgate House Revival and who took the time to stop by the Tonic Tours table. It was an unforgettable night for sure. Switchblade Syndicate rocked hard, opening the night with a cover of Hells Bells and playing several more times over the course of the night. The other acts were made up of burlesque performances from Deadly Sins Burlesque, belly dancing from Zahara’s Tangled Web, side show performances from Tinderbox Circus, as well as a host of other performers. Dancer D’arcy Decadence and side show performer Shawna the Dead from Louisville were both quiet memorable, even though I wish I could forget Shawna the Dead’s last act. Staplers don’t belong on that part of the anatomy! Black and Bluegrass Roller Girls did full contact musical chairs during intermission and the vendors were great. Be sure to check out Bad Kitty Bizarre, artists Billy Tackett and Rob Meyer, Strange Candi Clothing and Cornfield Customs. I had a great time creating the custom cocktails for the night, even if ingredient restrictions caused some alteration to my original plans. Perhaps it is for best though. I am not sure the world is ready for a chocolate covered bacon cocktail. Of course the venue itself was one of the stars. Planning a hell themed show that will actually take place in an old church was a stroke of genius. The staff and bartenders there are always professional and helpful and this night was no exception. Great night out and I look forward to working with Mr. Fury again in the future.



2013-05-11 21.00.28

Pumpkin lights from one of the vendors


2013-05-11 22.29.47

zahara’s tangled web


2013-05-11 22.40.20 HDR

Audience participation with Tinderbox Circus


2013-05-11 22.52.35

Holden Fury, our host for the night


2013-05-11 20.37.41

Tonic Tours sets up shop.


2013-05-11 21.03.54

Charlie makes use of the mood lighting.


2013-05-11 22.51.50

Jorilla Gorilla does some boy burlesque.


Tonic Tours presents the Seven Deadly Cocktails.

Tonic Tours presents the Seven Deadly Cocktails.


Switchblade Syndicate rocks it hard!

Switchblade Syndicate rocks it hard!


Beautiful art by Cornfield Customs

Beautiful art by Cornfield Customs


This post originally ran on the Tonic Tours blog on 5/13/2013.


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