Ignite Cincinnati #9

Ignite Cincinnati #9


Sometimes you have to go looking for cool things in Cincinnati and sometimes you just get lucky and a friend drags you to one. The later is what happened to me last night. A friend of a friend was speaking at Ignite Cincinnati #9 and she bribed me with drink tickets if I would go with her. As we rushed out of the door to try to make it there in time I had to ask once again, “Ok what exactly am I going to again?”

Giacomo Ciminello bravely takes on the “Presentation Improv” segment of the evening.

Ignite is global organization that seeks to share “bright ideas in small bites.” Speakers have five minutes and 20 slides to share something that they are passionate about. Similar to TED talks but shorter was a phrase I heard a lot. The speakers ranged from entrepreneurs and web developers to hackers and burlesque performers. I would almost describe it as one of those motivational pictures on facebook come to life but that doesn’t really do it justice. I really did come away inspired, ready to work on Tonic Tours, and planning what I would say if I were a speaker. I’d love to get my five minutes on the stage to explain to Cincinnati how alcohol can save the world.

Kristen and I doing our best to prove my alcohol fixes everything theory.

The evening started with a wonderful mix of street performers, food trucks, conversation, and wine. I’d never been to Memorial Hall before and the building blew me away. Absolutely beautiful early 20th century details on everything. I was describing it to Charlie and he told me he had actually seen Lou Reed perform there in 1989. Lucky git.

You can’t read it but on of the virtues written above the stage is manliness.

Once the speakers got started the emphasis was a lot on working together, following your dreams, creating art, asking for help, and making connections. The pictures on the slides ranged from inspiring to funny to just plain random but all of the speakers did a great job of staying on the time line, getting their point across concisely, and making me want to quit my day job. Nice job everyone! You should absolutely make it to the next event.

One of the street performers outside Memorial Hall


Lovely duet


An interactive exercise in supporting spontaneous art.


Empathy Shoe


Giacomo and his slide partner

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