Bottoms Up #11 – The Sazerac

Bottoms Up #11 – The Sazerac

Ginny Tonic and Charlie are off on a traveling adventure as they visit the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (aka C2E2). For this week episode we present our first ever flashback Bottoms Up episode. After a brief into by this podcasting duo, we jump back to Episode #8 of the Charlie Tonic Hour and share the story of how these two tried an amazing Sazerac with the classic cocktail maestro Rommel Wells over at the Rookwood.

Run Time: 17 Minutes
Download the episode: bottomsup011.mp3

Articles Tied to the Segment:
America’s Oldest Cocktail: The Sazerac
You are Where You Eat: The Rookwood Bar and Restaurant
Both articles penned by Ginny Tonic!

Special Thanks To Our Amazing Bartender
Rommel Wells
The Rookwood

Check Out The Full Episode Where This Segment Originally Aired
The Music You Hear Throughout the Episode

Photo by Cara Suppa with
Joe Harbison and Eric Myers
at The V Club Night Club
Brought To You By the Same People Who Created
The Charlie Tonic Hour | Tonic Tours

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