Bottoms Up #6 – Martini Madness

Bottoms Up #6 – Martini Madness

This week, Ginny Tonic and Charlie dodge the basketball action and instead offer you Slate Magazine’s Official Martini Madness Bracket where 64 different versions of the classic martini go head-to-head in a winner takes all the olives (or none of the olives as the case may be) tournament. For the show, podcast hosts grab four entries from round #1 and drink up. It’s the Nick and Norah vs. the Montgomery vs. the FDR vs. the Traditional Sweet Martini… Let’s get ready to rumble!

Run Time: 23 Minutes, 25 Seconds

Download the episode: bottomsup006.mp3

Martini Madness
 From the official bracket story (via

“Martini Madness exists to pursue knowledge regarding the fundamental reality of the martini. This whole thing is, it should go without saying, ridiculous, of course: The utopian cocktail—the Platonic ideal of the martini—exists only in the abstract realm, and there aren’t any good bars in that neighborhood. But we take our absurdism seriously, and though we usually take our martini with a lemon twist, we will take a rational approach to determining which of these drinks most closely satisfy the highest principles of martini Form. It won’t be easy; many of these 68 cocktails are highly commendable. But only one can win the olive crown.”

Read the Full Article:
Martini Madness

Play the Brackets:
 Martini Madness: The Bracket

A Look at the Brackets
Click the Image for a Closer Look!

A Look at the Drinks We Tried

The Nick and Nora

The Montgomery


Traditional Sweet Martini

Links Discussed In The Show

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  The Music You Hear Throughout the Episode

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at The V Club Night Club
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  1. Ginny says:

    I listened to the podcast yesterday and I am embarrassed to say I have to make a correction. The Hitchcock martini is the one where you just look at bottle vermouth. There is a Hemingway martini but it is a Gibson.

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