Chart Ratings and Youtube

Chart Ratings and Youtube

billboard youtube views

On Episode 65 of The Charlie Tonic Hour, Charlie and I discuss recent changes to the way that Billboard Magazine ranks songs for the Top 100 list. If you haven’t heard, just a few weeks ago Billboard started including YouTube views into its formula for ranking the most popular songs. This continues the magazine’s trend of incorporating digital consumption of music into its formula. They added digital sales and ringtones first, and in 2009 added streaming services but it took adding YouTube views in the formula to really make the news. In part this is because the effect was immediate. New York DJ Baauer’s song ‘Harlem Shake’ has debuted on the chart at #1 despite very little radio play. Charlie and I discuss the implications of this change and what we think it means for the future of the music industry and we also try to wrap our heads around the whole Harlem Shake meme and fail miserably. If you are like me and had not heard of the song until the Billboard story broke this is the basic idea:



Yeah I don’t get it either. Although the guy punching the inflatable giraffe for no reason is kind of funny. So thanks to videos like this, that is the top song in the charts right now. Are you happy with yourself now, internet?

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