Cincy Beerfest and 5B Blogging Conference

Cincy Beerfest and 5B Blogging Conference

Cincy Beerfest

Charlie and I had a great time this weekend at the Cincy Beerfest and 5B Blogging Conference hosted by Hoperatives. We learned a lot, drank a lot, and laughed a lot so that makes for about a perfect weekend in my book. You will hear more about the conference and the beer, including a Bottom’s Up segment with Tom Aguero of Queen City Drinks, on Episode 61 but until then here are some of the picture highlights.

Signs and Brands

cincy beerfest logo

cider princess bride

Best cider names. Ever.

cincy beerfest

Despite the name, the Old Chub was pretty tasty.

cincy beerfest

I do like hops so I enjoyed the Bell’s Hopslam Ale

beerfest cincy

Sadly I didn’t get a chance to take my turn on Left Hand Brewing Company’s “More Cowbell” stage.

 Ginny, Charlie and Friends

cincy beerfest

Sometimes two hands just isn’t enough

cincy beerfest

Charlie knows what I’m talking about.

After getting stuck on a different space-time continuum Friday, we finally met up with the crew from What’s Cooking Now on Saturday.

cincy beerfest

All patriotic American’s love beer.

Friday night is the night to grab swag.

cincy beerfest

Charlie can’t believe how many different brands of craft beer there were.

It’s about to get serious…

cincy beerfest

What is the connection between beer and bagpipes? 

The Food

You get all kinds of goodies on the Connoisseur Level.

Donut burgers. I just had to try one. They were exactly as delicious and disgusting as they sound.

I don’t remember why I took this but it’s pretty.



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