Bottoms Up #1 – Angel’s Envy

Bottoms Up #1 – Angel’s Envy

We are thrilled to unveil the new Bottoms Up podcast with your hosts Ginny Tonic and Charlie. What you have here is an alcohol infused show with a side of sexy brought to you by the hosts of the Charlie Tonic Hour. We’ll be sharing new shows every Friday and this podcast will be short format with shows lasting from 10 – 15 minutes in length.

This week, we explore exactly what is so wonderfully sinful about Envy? Angel’s Envy that is. This coveted bourbon whiskey is aged up to 6 years in charred white oak barrels and finished in ruby port wine casks and has been described by Wine and Spirits Magazine as a “Living Legend”. We decided to launch our new podcast with it as it has factored heavily into year one of our sister podcast, the Charlie Tonic Hour.

Sit back, grab a drink, listen and enjoy!

Run Time: 11 Minutes, 19 Seconds
Download the episode: bottomsup001.mp3

Angels’s Envy
 From the official website (

Created by Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson, Angel’s Envy is worth coveting. Aged up to 6 years in charred white oak barrels and finished in ruby port wine casks, Angel’s Envy is an artisan’s masterpiece unlike any other bourbon.

When Wine and Spirits Magazine calls you a “Living Legend,” it should mean one thing. You’ve still got work to do. Lincoln Henderson wasn’t content resting on his laurels. He’s always been a malcontent. You don’t spend 40 years defining the spirits industry and earn a spot in the Bourbon Hall of Fame without a few unconventional ideas.

Angel’s Envy is what happens when 200 years of tradition meet an independent master craftsman’s instinct to improve. It’s a total return to craft first, hand-blended batches of 8 to 12 barrels at a time. We start with the finest local ingredients distilled in micro-batches and aged in American oak. Lincoln personally tastes every barrel throughout each step of the process to ensure that the spirit meets his malcontent’s standards.

This would be enough for any other premium bourbon, but Lincoln had other ideas. That’s why we finish every batch in ruby port wine casks. There’s no set time for the process. It’s only Angel’s Envy when we say it is. The ruby port wine finish adds subtle nuance without ruining the integrity of the bourbon. The end result is a rich, exceptionally smooth and rare bourbon. Sin aside, we work every day to inspire envy, even if it takes a little longer.

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Photos from Our Tasting
The Music You Hear Throughout the Episode
Photo by Cara Suppa at MOTR in January, 2013
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