Episode #54 – A New Year Begins!

Episode #54 – A New Year Begins!

It’s hard to believe that a full year has already passed since the Charlie Tonic Hour took to the podcast airwaves. This week, for their one-year anniversary, Charlie and Ginny Tonic are LOADED UP with stories as they both had quite the time leading up to New Years. From the holidays to soul massaging music events to a sense that they’re ready for 2013 to begin, it’s an extended Discourse Intercourse segment that still had these two rushing to cover everything. Also this week, Ginny and Charlie speculate about time and calendars and share some resolutions (not just for themselves but for the show itself). They also try a cocktail to quell that nagging hangover that sees the return of their old friend Tabasco. From there they even end with a bit of music that has many looking for the notes that aren’t there just as much as those that are. Yes, we’re running a bit longer this week but there was just so much to say. Grab a drink, join us and enjoy!

Run Time: 1 hour, 14 Minutes, 55 Seconds

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 Segment 1 – Discourse Intercourse
(Starts at 16 seconds into the show)
Charlie visits The Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar with Eric and John
Charlie Shares A Night With The Ringtails
The Kingston Springs
Ginny’s Video Clip
Montezuma Fire Machine
Ford Theatre Reunion
As Seen Around Al’s Bar
Charlie and Joe Talk Life
Charlie Gets Ready for the Ford Theatre Show

 Segment 2 – How will you spend your “No Day”?
(Starts at 26 minutes, 45 seconds into the show)
Some extra reading on the topic of calendars:

  Segment 3 – Charlie Tonic Hour Resolutions
(Starts at 36 minutes, 23 seconds into the show)
The video Charlie teases during the episode:
Image via Calvin and Hobbs
See more at gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/ 

 Segment 4 – Bottoms Up
Getting Over Your Hangover
(Starts at 51 minutes, 49 seconds into the show)

  Segment 5 – Closing Out The Show
(Starts at 1 hour, 45 seconds into the show)

Upcoming Events:
Our Random “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse” Song
Recommendation For This Week
Albert Ayler – Ghosts

The Music You Hear Throughout the Episode

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