Accept No Other Definition of Your Life

Accept No Other Definition of Your Life

Morning friends. I know, I know…  It’s been a while.  Aside from publishing the show this week, I post here about as regularly as I Twitter these days.  Funny that.  Much to my surprise I started tweeting again unexpectedly a month or so back via @charlierambles but find myself drifting away from there more than I use it.  I so want to embrace Twitter but it never seemed to hold my attention in the same way Facebook has.

That said, it proves fun when I do it and it reminds me that if I’m going to maintain these outlets to express myself, I do need to make a sincere effort to put the digital pen to paper and get my portion of the blog side of Charlie Tonic kicking once again.  I make a point of saying “sincere effort” as I know better than to make promises that don’t have a time, date and location tied to them these days.

That of course leads to the question of the hour…  What do I want to write about?

Each time I’ve passed by this spot over the last couple weeks, I’ve found it a bit hard to find the right topic.  Sometimes I find a tidbit, but I never find enough to build a rhythm for a full post.

That had me thinking, why is this the case?

I’ll admit openly that, if I’m blogging about my life, there are times that it isn’t easiest thing to talk about.  Oh sure, I have a mountain of little stories to share in Facebook updates, but that’s a kind of “life in the moment” look at things that is easy to maintain.  I’m very lucky to be living a life in motion that’s full of color, great friends and fun much of the time. There are stories there to share (as you hear on the show each week).  That said, there are also times (like my life in more recent months) where my quest to find stability takes center stage sometimes to the exclusion of all else and other things that defy an easy explanation just don’t come together for a blog post. In some ways I still can’t put some of it into words and maybe I never will.

A blog to me fells like a door that, once open, can prove hard to close because it deals with deeper meaning, more expression and more contemplation.  I’ve been worried of what I might say and that’s funny considering how open I am about my life.

I joke sometimes that it feels like I realize what I’m saying just a few moments after I’ve said it.  There are many times that can be far too true so I find not only the topic, but the concept of blogging, social media and self-expression in the modern world to be something worth exploring because it makes me challenge myself.  A blog should cut a bit deeper and be more honest if it has worth.

As if fate were laughing at me just a bit, a few years back I got a fortune cookie that stopped me dead in my tracks and challenged me to look at my life in a way fortune cookies really shouldn’t be able to achieve.  Now I put very little faith in superstition and I pride myself on writing my own ticket in life, but at that time I read…

“Accept no other definition of your life, accept only your own.”

This morning, while looking for something I needed in a box, I found that same fortune as if it were reaching out to me once again, poking me in the chest and saying what it had to say. If that isn’t a cue to write and live your life as you see best and fearlessly, I’m not sure what is.

(Not done yet…)

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