Episode #48 – Shameless Consumerism

Episode #48 – Shameless Consumerism

It’s Thanksgiving and the holiday season is raging toward us with a flaming debit card in hand. This has Charlie and Ginny Tonic thinking about consumerism, tradition and how much a person really needs in life. From Fight Club to Brussels sprouts, there are lots of stories framing the segments this week. After these two tackle the holiday, Charlie shares his thoughts on the Showtime series Shameless. The two discuss the more clean cut elements of what should be a gritty story as this one goes beyond the show itself. After that it’s a drink that should have stayed a Wedding Cake and we close with some beautiful Southern music uncovered by Ginny. We’re counting down to episode #50 and there’s much to be thankful for as a new episode is delivered for your feast.

Run Time: 1 hour, 4 Minutes, 28 Seconds

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 Segment 1 – Discourse Intercourse
(Starts at 20 seconds into the show)
Ginny’s New Haircut

Time Travelers Ball and Dr. Bombay Show
 Ford Theater ReunionEric and Alex pictured, Joe MIA

Shattered Ipad
 Segment 2 – Consumerism
(Starts at 12 minutes, 51 seconds into the show)

 Segment 3 – Shameless
(Starts at 31 minutes, 2 seconds into the show)
Scenes from Season One

 Segment 4 – Bottoms Up
Wedding Cake Martini
(Starts at 40 minutes into the show)

  Segment 5 – Closing Out The Show
(Starts at 49 minutes, 35 seconds into the show)
Ginny Tonic’s Music Recommendation
Delta Rae – Bottom of the River

The Music You Hear Throughout the Episode

2 Responsesto “Episode #48 – Shameless Consumerism”

  1. travis says:

    The Denton Affair (a reference to the town that Brad and Janet are from) is the local Rocky Horror Picture Show cast:

    I was born on Thanksgiving Day. I was almost 3 weeks late. My mother hasn’t forgiven me 40 years later.

  2. James says:

    4 episodes and you think you’re qualified to give this “review”? Yes, Showtime has done a horrendous job at promoting Shameless. The 2nd half of both seasons are vastly different than the first. The series is like no other. It goes from a silly, slapstick comedy and begins to morph into a very deep drama by the end of the seasons. It’s the unconventional nature of this show that makes it so unique. (like Fight Club) But if you are looking for another network procedural, then yes, this series isn’t for you.